The job of a Sales Coordinator – What’s in it?

You probably came to read this blog post because you are interested in joining the mighty corporate relations (winning) sector of KY or you are one of my lovely friends who wanted to read this for whatever reason. But hopefully the reason is that you are interested in sales and interested in applying for the Sales Coordinator’s job!

Usually when people ask what I really do, my answer is: “My job is to handle the corporate relations at KY so that students can find the best job opportunities or benefits, and on the other hand companies can find the best students the most efficient way. I also work as the secretary of the Corporate Relations Committee, CORE.”

That is definitely the core of my job but due to the constant evolution at the sector, you mostly get to define your own work tasks and days. There are lots of different choices to make which means plenty of responsibility – you develop both yourself and the corporate sector every single day as you go on. But the future of KY’s corporate cooperation lies not only on your shoulders, because you get to work closely with the KY Board member responsible for corporate relationships (currently the most amusing Mikko Hiltunen!). If necessary, the other members of CORE and the KY office are always there for you too.



At the moment we have 16 corporate partners at KY, and I am not going to lie: it needs a lot of concentration and work to keep up with all of our current and potential new partners. On the other hand, you get to know at least 16 corporate representatives, have fun at excursions and create fascinating events with the Corporate Relations Committee. At the same time, you’ll get better with B2B sales, learn tips that corporations really need and what should you offer to them to achieve win-win positions.


If I had to say one thing that is best working at KY it would be the people. When do you get to work with your best friends from the university and enjoy time together (without forgetting the best corporate representatives)! I bet that is hard to find – but at KY that happens! You also get to know your predecessors and other former KY active members probably better than you would, without the experience at the office. The support of this community is magnificent resource to have every day and especially when improving KY’s corporate relations sector.



It is impossible to sum up all the traditions, memories and learnings considering the job so if you have any questions, please give me a call and I am more than happy to discuss more in detail about the job! 🙂


Rasmus Mäkinen

Sales Coordinator, 040 353 8282

The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-28.4.2019. Read more here and apply!