Regarding the KY Building’s future

According to the decision made by the KY Representative Council last autumn, the possible conversion of KY Building into student housing is now advanced by investigating the structures of the building and by taking steps towards the possible alteration of the city plan to allow the conversion.

The city of Helsinki has now published a plan on the city website which is the first step towards the possible alteration of the city plan. However, it does not bind KY into submitting the final alteration proposal in case the student housing plan turns out to be unrealistic and/or too expensive to execute.

So basically, no final decisions concerning the future of the building have yet been made, but student housing is the plan for now.

Should the preliminary investigations advance quickly and with positive results, it is a possibility that KY Building will go under renovation in the beginning of 2020 at the earliest. KY will look into alternative spaces for the members and clubs to use in case of KY Building going under renovation.

We will inform more when the project advances!


Link to the plan (in Finnish)