PwC Career Story – Jussi Inovaara

Jussi Inovaara, Deals, EDGE



My name is Jussi Inovaara and I work as a Senior Associate at PwC Corporate Finance in Finland. Prior
to Deals advisory at PwC, I worked at Nordea Markets and in a financial controlling function at Daimler in
Stuttgart. I have studied finance, accounting and economics at Turku School of Economics, and in the
University of Graz.

PwC career

My PwC career began in 2018 when I joined the EDGE program. I wanted to learn about M&A and deal
making and did my homework on the different alternatives in Helsinki. PwC’s EDGE and the Deals
practice seemed like the most appealing choice in town overall. After more than two years with PwC, I still
feel the same way. The most important aspects for me in my work are being able to contribute to clients,
developing my analytical thinking and enjoying teamwork and time spent with great colleagues in a
dynamic environment.

EDGE program consists of rotations in different Deals teams. When first joining I started in the Corporate
Finance team, working on M&A proposals and sell-side engagements for a large utilities company and a
family-owned company. I also worked on valuation and financial modelling engagements for fund
management companies. Transferring to Financial Due Diligence, I advised private equity clients in both
sell-side and buy-side due diligence projects. I have also worked on real estate due diligence projects,
and supported the Deals Strategy team with industry and market analysis. Currently, I have landed in my
home team, Corporate Finance, to support companies and PE investors in strategic decisions related to
ownership and corporate transactions.

The best part of EDGE has been learning about the different angles and roles related to an M&A
transaction (buy-side, sell-side, lead advisor, due diligence etc.). The technical skill set required including
financial modelling, interpreting company financial statements, and data analysis provides a deep
learning curve, while exposure to client meetings and live presentations is invaluable for long-term career

While travelling is on hold for now, I have been lucky to meet plenty of global PwC colleagues at trainings
and seminars. My EDGE journey was kicked off in Madrid, where we spent one week getting to know
other participants from Europe, Middle East and Africa, discussing cultural aspects of cross-border deals,
and PwC’s way of working.

To whom would I recommend PwC?

The firm is a great place to start your career, if you are eager to understand businesses and how they are
operated, and want to get to know different industry sectors. PwC is full of like-minded and talented young
professionals who enjoy working together. I would encourage applying regardless of your university major
or specific technical capabilities – the will to learn is key.