PwC Career Story – Niko Nalli

Niko Nalli, Deals, EDGE



Hi all! My name is Niko Nalli and I work as a manager in PwC’s Corporate Finance team. I moved to
Helsinki in 2015 while I pursued my Master’s degree in Aalto. During my studies I was working at ABB
doing various kinds of financial analysis related tasks while I also finished my thesis there. I graduated
in 2017 at the same time as I was getting started with my career at PwC.


PwC career

As my graduation was getting closer, I did not really know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had
always been interested in management consulting and investment banking as I thought that those
paths could provide a steep learning curve and a quick kickstart for my professional career. After
discussing with my friends who were already working in the industry, I found out that PwC was
planning to launch the EDGE program in 2017. Rotating in multiple M&A teams sounded like a spot-
on opportunity for me and I decided to apply.

I get often asked about my experience in the program and my answer is always pretty much the
same. I had high expectations to learn a lot, but the learning curve has really exceeded those
expectations. I started my rotations in financial due diligence and after the first 6 months I had already
covered engagements including everything from private equity to public takeovers, from industrial
manufacturing and software development to healthcare and telecommunications as well as from
companies with 5 million in revenue to over 2 billion.

In my next rotation I got to combine my financial analysis skills with storytelling in order to create
attractive equity stories to close my first transactions as a lead adviser in the Corporate Finance team.
In these engagements I got experience to run and coordinate a global auction process with multiple
stakeholders including international buyers and internal teams to provide due diligence and legal
services for our clients. After these transactions were signed, the next Monday I rotated to our
integration and strategy teams to support a stock listed company in a post-merger integration while
we simultaneously created a new group strategy for the client.

As the strategy and integration work was complete, so was the program for me and I joined the
Corporate Finance team. Even though the program ended, learning new things did not – I am
currently using part of my time in our financing strategy and debt advisory projects.

To whom would I recommend PwC?

I recommend PwC and EDGE for people who have curiosity to learn new things and ambition to solve
the toughest problems. PwC and EDGE provide a structured platform to learn best practices in
multiple teams and through the program you can turn your weaknesses into strengths as you rotate in
teams and engagements that are out of your comfort zone. For me, taking the key learning points
from those projects has been in a key role to drive success in everything else. It will not be easy and
sometimes it can be tough, but that is why clients value what we do – we solve our clients’ most
important problems and make the most meaningful things happen, with the right mentality.