What is the one piece of clothing that you will most definitely recognize another KY member from? The dollar greens, of course! The KY overalls are an honored garment worth much more than their price, which you’ll end up wearing more than imagined. This let’s everyone know which school you represent – behave accordingly!

The cultural subcommittee KUJ brought the overalls to KY in the 1980s. The very first overalls were white, and they were bought from the local hardware store. Quickly, though, the color of the overalls was changed to dollar green, a more apt choice for a business student.


Price: 20 €

When to order: Every autumn at Mursu Expo

Overall rules and traditions

  • The KY logo on the back of the overalls cannot be covered by decorations or patches. Also sponsor logos should be left visible.
  • Overalls are not to be washed. Under extreme circumstances, however, overalls may be washed with a written permission from two other KY members. The permission should always be stored in the overalls’ right breast pocket.
  • After graduation, the use of overalls is only allowed by permission from the KY board.
  • The only accepted method of disposal of overalls is burning them.