Otaniemi: Here are the new study premises for bachelor's students!

Aalto University School of Business is moving its bachelor teaching to Otaniemi campus starting next fall. Renovations are on time and everything should be ready at the start of September!

The main building of the university is renamed Bachelor Center and will host large part of all bachelor level teaching in the whole university.

In the Bachelor Center are multiple cafeterias and a student restaurant Alvari. Many other student restaurants are located in close proximity of the building. Some new restaurants are also about to open in fall 2015.


The spaces meant for Aalto BIZ are located in the U-wing of the Bachelor Centre. The U-wing was built a bit later than the main body of the building and thus it isn’t designed by Alvar Aalto himself. This has allowed large renovations to make spaces suitable for modern teaching and learning demands.

kuva 3

The main door of the U-wing is located near the northern end of the building. The eastside door allows students with to enter the Student Hub and the lounge space of KY 24/7 with an access card.


U-wing has many opportunities for groupwork and teaching in small studying groups. The biggest courses will be held in U2-auditorium with over 600 seats. The U-wing also has multiple smaller auditoriums ranging from standard classes to ”Harvard-auditorium” which can be seen from the cafeteria through a glass wall.



KY is launching the renewed Otaniemi webpage on Sunday. If you among other useful information would like to see concept pictures of individual spaces or furniture plans check them out on Sunday!