Operating at KY

Services and facilities

KY offers its associations services on two different campuses, Töölö and Otaniemi. Keys for all the premises can be picked up from service secretaries during KY’s service hours and must be returned to a key deposit box immediately after the event.

Töölö: KY Building

  • Third floor: KY office, meeting rooms, sauna and Yläkertsi (event space)
  • Basement: cabinets, club lockers, Alakertsi (event space)
  • Fourth floor: studio


  • Espilä: KY office and meeting rooms
  • Saha: event space

Remember to also check out AYY’s facilities!

Organizing an event at KY

When your club or association is planning to host an event, probably the easiest place to start is KY’s own premises. Clubs in our association register can book our facilities using the reservation calendar. Fill out the details of your event and make sure to apply for an extended reservation permit, should you wish to stay past 10PM. If you’re organizing a larger event, get in touch if you need door programming. Once your reservation is approved, you can pick up keys and permits from our service secretaries during service hours.

If you wish to hold ticket sales at Aalto BIZ, KY’s Secretary for Cultural Affairs is your go-to person! (S)he’s responsible for coordinating spatial reservations with Aalto BIZ, so get in touch as soon as you know when you’d like to hold your ticket sales.

Note that some of KY’s premises and services (such as the van and DJ booth) require permits, all of which can be found on the electronic resource calendar.


KY’s clubs and associations are entitled to use our communication channels, listed briefly below.

Monday Mail

KY’s Monday Mail is a short info letter sent out at the beginning of each week. Our PR & Press Officer compiles the letter during the previous week from materials sent directly to the PR & Press Officer as well as from events posted to KY Events. If you want to make sure your event reaches a wide array of KY students, send your announcements to mondaymail@ky.fi by 12:00 (noon) on the previous Friday.


KY’s clubs have the right to market their events on our two Facebook channels – KY Career for career-related excursions and events and KY Events for all cultural, sport and other events. Additionally, clubs and KY members can use KY Today for free discussion and gathering feedback (see group descriptions for more detailed guidelines).

Corporate Relations

At KY, we strongly encourage our clubs and associations to take a proactive approach towards corporate relations and we are more than happy to offer you support and guidance when you need it.
However, in order to ensure that our corporate affairs are carried out in a coordinated manner, we ask our associations to first discuss new projects with our corporate relations team. This is particularly important when contacting KY’s official partners – if you wish to cooperate with them, make sure to first contact KY’s Sales Coordinator or the board member responsible for corporate relations. They are always happy to help!

KY Foundation’s funding for clubs

To fund your club’s activities and events, you can apply for KY Foundation’s subsidies. Every year KY Foundation gives out over 100 000 euros funding as subsidies for various clubs, events or projects. There are two kinds of subsidies – funding for yearly operations and project funding. For the planned activities organized during the present year (e.g. all your events and other plans) you can apply for funding during spring (usually in March). Project funding is offered for surprising and moderate needs and is hence available year-round. However, clubs are advised to mainly make use of the yearly operations application during spring.

For more information and the application form itself, visit KY Foundation’s website.

If you have any questions regarding the subsidies, don’t hesitate to contact the Subsidies committee!