Onni’s Blog – Year as the Administrative Assistant

Hello KY!

When I applied to become a Real Estate Assistant at KY, I wanted to learn more about this beloved organization and help make its internal operations even better. My year at KY has taught me tremendously and given me tons  of great experiences working at the lovely KY Office.

Work as an assistant at KY is the perfect work for a student – there are not excessive hours (you still get subsidies from KELA :D) and you get to work for the KY community.

During a typical work week, assistant

  • Prepares invoicing.
  • Checks KY premises and the van.
  • Makes necessary purchases for the needs of the office
  • Organizes meetings (e.g. Representative Council).
  • Communicates with   stakeholders   (cleaning   company,   property maintenance, associations)
  • Helps other people working at the office.

Thus, the work tasks of the assistant are highly versatile; the assistant is basically the handyman of the KY Office. This role is perfect for you if you

  • Want to gain more knowledge of the KY organization
  • Are self-imposed.
  • Are not afraid of physical work.
  • Love KY and want to improve its office environment.

If the job as an assistant at KY sparks interest in you, feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or thoughts!

Onni Syvälahti
Administrative Assistant 2020-2021
045 1242 963