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Has the past year at KY lived up to the expectations I had when applying to the board? 

No, not really.


Would I have applied if I had known how the year would turn out? 

Yes, 100%.


One of the best (or worst)  things about KY is that you can never really know for sure how the next year, month, or even the next week is going to turn out . If you’re looking for a stable, 9- to-5-job with a bunch of routine tasks, this is not the place for you. But if eternal opportunities, working with friends, coming up with your wildest ideas and executing them, tackling challenges, and facing surprises sound like your cup of tea, KY might be the perfect match for you, so keep reading on.

Change is an opportunity to do something great

The past year has been unusual, but change tends to open space for completely new things and ideas. My responsibilities in the board include Sports & Wellbeing, International Affairs, and Clubs. Careerwise, the best thing for me during the past year has been the possibility to implement even my wildest ideas into action, as it’s not that usual to get such opportunities elsewhere as a student.

I’m especially proud of the wellbeing project BeWell (go check out!) that we created together with my lovely committee members of LiHy, as well as the new Code of Conduct that we designed together with a superduper team of  the KY Office members. With LiHy, we have also come up with multiple new things and ideas such as our Wappu challenges, remote internal LiHy sports tryouts, and a lot of other cool stuff that’s still yet to be announced – stay tuned for that! 

I couldn’t be more thankful for the things we have done with these amazing people, and couldn’t have ever imagined at the beginning of the year how much one could do with a great bunch of people around. So thank you all who were involved, it’s been a great ride!

It’s not the journey but who you travel with

What about all the fun stuff? If you’re thinking of applying, you might be interested in what have been the best moments of my year at the KY Board, especially when the year has not been a normal KY year.

First and foremost, the thing I’ve learned is that with the right group of people it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, you’ll probably have as much fun at your own sillis party as you would have had with 200 others.

Some of my dearest memories include our annual ball, our group’s mini-sillis parties, and the multiple cottage trips we’ve had. Not to mention all the fun things we’ve done with the whole office, and with the members of LiHy. One especially fun memory was  when we held our Wappustudio event and contested against the board of SHS in a live TV show that was streamed for the whole KY. All in all, I’m thankful that I’ve made so many life-lasting friends with whom I’ll treasure these memories forever.

If you’re still reading this blog text and thinking about applying, thinking about  whether it’s the right time for you and whether it’s the right decision to make, I would say do apply. At KY, you’ll never know what the year will bring along, but that’s the whole spark of it. Be open and innovative, and don’t fear the change – I promise this way you’ll have a year to remember!


<3: Paula Malka


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