Not the usual part-time job

When I first applied the position as KY’s Administrative Assistant, I was looking for a part time job to go well together with my studies. In the end, the job turned out to be so much more than I expected and gave me two, unforgettable years.

At first, I figured that our work community would be just like any other. But the more I spent time in the office, the more I started to feel like this work community has a lot more to offer than colleagues – friends that will last. Countless events together from small to large during this time have enriched my work as well as my student life.

I often get asked “what do you do at KY Office?”. To that I often answer – after trying to figure out a good description – “a little bit of everything”. Some of my tasks include doing meeting preparations for KY Foundation and KY’s Representative Council, keeping everything in check in Saha and KY Building, and making sure that our beloved KY van is up and running. But in my opinion, there is no perfectly fitting title to this job.

None of my work weeks are the same. There are some recurring tasks from week to week, but my timetable is rarely set in stone. My day may start anywhere from 10am to 1pm – usually closer to the latter due to me not being a morning person – and finish after two to six hours depending on the day. This flexibility concerning my working hours has allowed me to do my tasks whenever it has suited me best and has definitely been one of the best perks of this job.

These two years that I have spent here have been everything I expected and so much more. The fact that I extended my contract twice during this time speaks how much I have liked working here. To anyone who thinks about applying, I urge you to do it, you won’t regret it. I’m sure I didn’t.

If you have any questions concerning the job, feel free to contact me!

Tuomas Helminen

Administrative Assistant, 0405597190

The application period for KY’s Administrative Assistant is open until 17.6.2018. Read more here and apply!