Nordic Healthcare Group


In 2004, a group of researchers at the Helsinki University of Technology yearned to make the world a better place. Year by year, Nordic Healthcare Group, better known as NHG has grown and evolved into a valued partner that works together with its clients to develop new, better and more user-oriented solutions for the health and social services sector. Our growth is based on incredible people, inspiring individuals who share our values and goals. Our next goal is to take part in building better health and social services with other Nordic countries as well.

As an example, our work involves the analysis, planning and deployment of new business models and processes. We work to positively affect the health and well-being of individuals. Value is created from helping people, developing new methodologies and collaborating effectively. We care about the well-being and personal development of each and every one in our network. Taking on new challenges with enthusiasm, we are happy to try out new ways of working and with an entrepreneurial spirit we persistently work on projects we believe in.

We are constantly growing and wish to expand abroad so we are always looking for talent to join our growing team.

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