Nordic Forum

This week at KY is all about internationality. Helsinki international week gathers people from all around the world to Finland to see what KY and Finland have to offer and to network and share ideas. However, Helsinki international week isn’t the only international thing that has been going on at KY.

Last week KY hosted the Nordic Forum seminar. KY and SHS together invited the boards of the best Nordic business schools’ student associations to Finland for two days. The two busy days were spent workshopping and getting to know each other. The seminar held a total of 44 participants from student associations SASSE, SBIO, BIS, NHHS, St.Gallen, CBSS, SHS and KY.

In two days we showcased KY, our school and Aalto University in its whole. We had a unique opportunity to show the other associations what KY is, what kind of activities we have and why we are a force to be reckoned. We had several workshops where we together tried to find answers to questions regarding community & volunteers, advocacy work, as well as work & career. For example each and every association is built around volunteers. We wanted to know how other participants thank their volunteers and how voluntary work is organized. NHHS from Bergen has a really extensive program for thanking that includes vast amount of special events and prizes for volunteers, an idea we will definitely need to work on! We also learned great ideas about making KY more international, since for example SASSE from Stockholm has been doing solid work integrating international students to their community, making it possible for international students to apply for basically every single committee they have.


Evening gala of the seminar with the theme “bring your own colors”

Considering advocacy work we tried to tackle the question of how to define long term strategic goals with the school. We also found we have to be really proud of about the interdisciplinary possibilities that we have at Aalto. In the work & career workshop we did not only learn a lot about how others manage their corporate relations, but it was also interesting to hear that SASSE for example receives a lot of their corporate contacts through their alumni. We, however, have to admit that KY is doing a splendid job in showcasing different kinds of career paths, and working closely with the school’s career services.

The seminar ended with a panel discussion for the chairmen to find an answer to the question of what is the future of all of this. We shared a mutual interest that the Nordic (and Swiss) cooperation has a huge potential and hence should definitely be something bigger.


Panel discussion by the chairmen of the associations

What is the idea of Nordic Forum you might ask. From my perspective, it is the forum for sharing ideas, getting inspired and networking. You might wonder why as a KY member, you should be interested and inspired about an event for board members – isn’t this just another concept where KY board networks and gets crazy ideas from? In my opinion, Nordic Forum could be something bigger. Our vision is that in the future it wouldn’t be just a forum for board members but rather a common platform for all of our members to get involved and network. A place to meet like-minded people that share the enthusiasm and ambition, to get new ideas and inspiration from. And one could sense a common opinion on this in the panel discussion.  

Big companies already know that Nordic cooperation has the potential to making a global impact. Shouldn’t we, students, the future leaders and business innovators of the countries, already start co-creating the Nordic future while we are studying? It might seem distant that nordic students meeting regularly could have an impact on a larger scale but every single great thing starts from small steps and a vision for the future.

Henrik Kekarainen

Chairman of the board