New year, new faces

What could be a better way to start a year at KY than posting a blog about my upcoming journey. So here it goes. I’m Kalle, a fourth-year Accounting student. I got chosen to the KY board 2017 to look after the educational affairs, alumni, finance, and master’s students. Also, I’m honored to be a part of creating a whole new chapter in KY’s history as Masters’ Club becomes a committee this year.

There has been rumors that I’ve been active in many things at KY and I must admit they are all true. One could even say I have caught them all. First a certain subcommittee swept away my feet as I spend my mursu year in Kulttuurijaosto. After that I headed to the wondrous world of sales in Sales Academy. Last but not least, KY Accounting has given me a bit more visual and communicational perspective to life. Alongside with these volunteering activities, I have took part in three productions of KY-Speksi; in the band, in the sales team, and as a scriptwriter.

Because of these experiences, last fall I thought that I would “retire” from KY and do a part-time job during studies like a proper kylteri should do. But here I am, surprised and writing this blog to you. The reasons why I applied still aren’t that clear to me; maybe the reason was that on some level I’m not ready to graduate just yet. Or maybe it was my will to have the last crusade into the student volunteering before I’m done. Nevertheless, I’m eagerly waiting for the year and ready for whatever comes with it.

One thing I do know is that KY has and will always attract people to do their bidding and give their best for the community. Through these blog posts you have been able to read about my and other board members’ journeys in student life until this moment. By reading them you can assess whether you want in the future take the same step we did. All in all one thing stands above else – every new year brings new faces to KY.

Kalle Pirinen

Member of the board

Educational affairs, alumni, finance, master’s students