New KY – a traditional visionary

The brand crew was set up about a year ago to build a new brand for KY. The hard work paid off last Thursday when the new KY brand was launched. However, the name of the event, “New KY”, might have been a bit misleading, as the three core aspects of our brand strategy stem from our more than hundred year old history.

Firstly, we wanted to focus on the idea of a common KY. Usually what springs to mind is our three campuses, but more than ever, we wanted this to also symbolize the companionship between KY members who work together towards the same goals. Secondly, we wanted to highlight our members’ strengths. KY members have always been good at networking and thus, we felt that we should use this as an advantage among student communities, both within the Aalto community and beyond it, sharing the best practices with other great student communities. Finally, we recognized that historically KY played an important role in driving the economy. Whilst KY members still contribute to the Finnish society today, their achievements often go unnoticed and could be emphasized even more.


At the event these three aspects were turned to life through stories as we had several guests important to KY’s history. The first speaker was our school’s dean, Ingmar Björkman, talking about the importance of the university to KY and the other way around. After this we heard the story behind the KY building. Later on, our alumni Matti Hagman told the story how KY’s property was gained by Amer, followed by a story of KY as a driver of the economy told by one of the organizers of Finnfocus, Antti Wuorenjuuri. In addition we heard about KY’s part in building the network of Helsinki based business school graduates, HEKO by Tommi Ora, as well as KY’s role in the Aalto Community shared by Voitto Kangas.

Turning our eyes to more tangible things, some time back we found that KY’s visual image was not as coherent it could have been. We decided to hire a professional to design a new visual image for KY and couldn’t be happier with our choice. We found two ARTS students, Jacob Stewart and Joonas Vähäkallio, who immediately seemed to understand what we were looking for. After just a few months on the job, their design managed to retain and respect KY’s history without being the tiniest bit outdated.

As you may have noticed, our digital media presence was reformed during the weekend. All of our social media channels were changed as was the layout of Kyweb. The print communication will be reformed during the summer, and the new mursus will arrive to KY that communicates with only the new visual image. There will be a KY brand book on Kyweb for all KY members to use. The book will include the KY story, visual image as well as guidelines, logos and templates for practical communications for all the committees and associations.


We also launched something KY members have been waiting for decades – the KY Blazer designed by Turo. The result is a blazer that is both elegant and fit for everyday use. It reflects many of the new KY goals: to be strong but humble, to have an influence in the society and to be one, unified KY. More information about the first fitting and the blazer itself here.

Last but definitely not least, we introduced our new official name. The representative council voted on it twice; first in March and again in April. The new name, “Aalto University Business Students / Aalto-yliopiston kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat”, represents our members on all three campuses and brings us, again, closer to our beloved school.


Even though communications are an essential part of building the brand, even more important is ensuring that our actions correspond with the image we want to emphasize. We still have a long way ahead of us but I believe building the brand strategy was a huge leap towards a more tight-knit KY and a more cooperative Aalto community.

Us at KY want to thank the brand crew, Jyri Heimo, Henrik Lähdesniemi, Kenny Ronkainen, Sanna Laininen, Katja Toropainen and Oliver Rotko, for the sweat and tears put in this project. We couldn’t be more proud of the result.

Julia Österlund
KY Board