My year in the board and in academic affairs


My name is Heikki Helaniemi. I’m the Academic affairs and campus responsible for the Board of KY.

My year in the board of KY. How can I even begin to describe it? It has been a great ride and even though there have been ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a day. Working in academic affairs I have worked closely together with the responsible for educational affairs Maria Aalto. The division of work tasks between these two positions has varied from year to year but mainly we have divided the tasks as we have seen fit. By the nature of our roles, I have been working more closely with AYY and Maria has been working together with subject clubs. Of course, we have been in close contact with each other and everybody from those groups about anything that is being discussed.

I can’t really describe a normal day of work in this position and that’s what makes this all so thrilling. One thing I can say for sure is that there are A LOT of meetings!! There are the academic committees for Aalto and the School of BIZ where all of the major changes to our education are decided including for example all the courses taught in our school. There’s also the top management team of the school of BIZ and edujory for the halloped responsibles of all Aalto schools. These are just a few of the different groups that come with the territory of this job.

I have also had the great responsibility of leading the academic affairs committee of KY. The academic affairs committee is the voice of students in the school. One of the responsibilities is also upholding and developing the fringe study guide which we have been developing this year. It’s been fascinating work that we have been doing with Kova and it will be also in the future.

There are so many aspects to this job I can’t even begin to describe how great it is in one blogpost. Therefor if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me a message through email, text, call or come and meet me at the KY offices.

Should you apply? ABSOLUTELY. It has been a real teaching experience and a lot of fun to be in this position and I would recommend it to anybody.


Heikki Helaniemi

Academic affairs and campus responsible in the board of KY 2019