My year as a Chairman

Hi! My name is Arttu Aine and I’m the Chairman of the executive Board of KY. My responsibility is to be the face and voice of KY and to steer KY in the right direction while thinking the big picture.

In a daily basis most of my time goes to meetings with the executive Board and other personnel of the KY office. With the Board we meet twice a week in a form of so called “Morning Schools” where we discuss about important topics and make big decisions. Then we have more formal meetings with the Board where we ratify the decisions. In addition, the whole office meets once a week in a meeting on wednesdays where we go through what currently happens at KY.

Meetings meetings meetings, there is a lot of them in this position. As a chairman I get to sit on a various different decision-making bodies, such as in the Board of KY Foundation and in the Aalto BIZ Top Management Team, to name a few.  To be able to be part of this kind of tables has been a privilege and one of the best things this year. It’s been great to work with interesting people and to be part of making big decisions such as the decisions regarding the future of KY Building.

Also, a lot of my time goes representing KY and giving public speeches in different occasions. It’s been very rewarding because I have been able to improve my speaking skills during the year. I will probably remember the moment when I gave my annual ball speech for the rest of my life.

In addition to meetings and representing KY, there is a lot of administrative work, writing texts and basic “everyday office tasks” such as paper works and paying bills. This job isn’t just representing and enjoying the perks of being part of the Board but hard work!

Should you apply? Absolutely Yes! There Isn’t many changes in life to get to lead organization this big at this age with notable assets as we have. I bet I have experienced and learned more about leadership this year than any other internship or job position has to offer!  You will also get the best working environment and people around you as the Board members and other office personnel form to be your best buddies.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me or send me a text and we can talk more about the subject!


Arttu Aine

Chairman of the Board 2019