Photo by Markus Havia

New information on moving from the KY Building is updated to this page.

Closed premises

All the following spaces are not in use: 

  • Any club rooms in the basement
  • Basement corridor and club lockers in that space
  • 4th floor spaces, including the photographing studio
  • Subject Club Room

The keycard access to the closed premises is denied and the possible physical keys for the premises no longer in use must be returned to the KY Office. All movement in these premises is strictly forbidden.

Premises to be emptied after 26.3.2021

KY has rented the 3rd floor of the building in its entirety and the Basement Party Space (including cabinets Mikko-Jarmo, Piano Cabinet and Moyne Cabinet) until 31.3.2021. 

KY Building will stay closed until the end of March due to the corona situation and will not be opened for reservations before the premises are transferred to the new owner. Therefore we are also removing the key rights regarding KY Building from those associations that no longer have something stored at KY Building. The keys will not work at KY Building from 26.2.2021 at 17 onward.

If you have some matters at hand at KY and your keys do not work, please let us know by sending an email to and we will help you.

The highlighted area on the basement floor plan pictures the premises to be emptied after 26.3.2021.

Instructions for moving

There is no longer a container dumpster (jätelava) provided by KY in the inner yard of the KY Building anymore. If you find one, it’s not available for KY or associations. Use the waste compactor (jätepuristin).

KY Foundation will support the clubs in case they need to rent moving equipment that KY is otherwise unable to offer. The clubs are advised to apply for the Foundation’s project grants based on their realized costs. More information on project grants can be found here:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all KY’s premises are closed until 31.3.2021. Moving from the KY building to new premises is a force majeure, an acceptable reason to visit KY premises, but only to the necessary extent. All associations are required to collect timely contact information from those who participate in the moving process, to enable contact tracing in case of potential exposure to the virus. Face masks are mandatory at all times in the common areas of KY building during the moving process.