Milla’s year as a member of the KY Board

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Since I opened KY Guide for the first time, I knew that someday I wanted to be part of those cool guys, the secretariat or KY Board, in one way or another. Now I’m happy to be part of the KY Board, responsible for new students, master’s students and sports. I haven’t done a single course during the year 2016, but so what? The skills and experiences you acquire during the year will win off 100-0 one extra year of working life. You’ll have time to graduate and work in a “real job” for 40 years so why not have a little time of your life before that.

KY is a 105-year-old organization with long traditions. You really need to adopt a far-reaching way of thinking to your everyday work – everything that we do at KY Office has to rise from KY’s strategy. Every week we cite it or act according to it. A lot of things become a state of mind to you: how does this exact thing serve the idea of one unified KY or building the bridges to other Aalto actors? Sometimes it’s as self-explanatory as deciding a new visual brand image for KY or arguing how much each club should get money in a form of operating grant. In some situations it can be lying in a Tempaus cruise suite with a terrible hangover with AYY secretary in general.

Me, Ville, Maija and Saara are working at KY’s Community sector. Community sector’s main goal is to make KY a place for everyone, building the feeling of belonging to KY community. For me, as being responsible for new students, the work has been started already a lot before the day new students even know they have been accepted to our school. With the tutor coordinator Iina, we meet the school’s learning services “LES” regularly in order to plan the acceptation and orientation for new students. After orientation, we’ll have to make sure to build a sense of “mursu feeling” via e.g. Mursu passport or making sure everyone finds the way to get involved at KY.

I’m also advocate of the master’s students’ matters which hasn’t always been easy. Every time we decide something in the board meetings, we meet the school for orientation matters or the advocacy sector’s fellas meet the school deans, I have to ponder what could it be there for masters students? A concrete challenge of making a change arose specifically from a master’s matter. I realised that building a tight-knit masters’ community is hard by only indirect ways of doing things so I came up with an idea of transforming Master’s Club into a committee. Unfortunately my decision isn’t enough with a big change like this. I had to convince the other members of the board, the chair and the members of the Master’s Club, and the KY representative council for that. Tomorrow the representative council is going to decide about the case and I’m almost 100% sure they will accept my suggestion!

I had never been a chairwoman before, but this year I got to work my leading skills with LiHy, the sports and wellbeing committee of KY. It has been wonderful to see how this group of seven members has welded tighter together after every single event, meeting and cottage trip. And all the events we’ve arranged have succeeded beyond expectations! If something hasn’t happened without trouble it hasn’t caused a world end. I have been lucky to have a group of like-minded, supportive people with me but also to have KY as a environment where it is OK to fail sometimes.

Overall, a year at KY Board is jumping into a big boots in a secure place to practice whatever you try for the first time and like a wise man told me, “leading a big ship into a right direction”. Yes, I’m aware that instead of wandering to the Espilä Office situated far at the corner of Otaniemi I could just cross the Arkadiankatu street from my Kylterikampus home to go to Ena or Chydenia in order to complete my 100 credits of Master’s studies. But, as soon as I step into Avokonttori or Tuomela meeting room to discuss whatever matter that makes KY a better place with my best friends, I wish this year’d never come to an end.

Milla Parviainen

Member of the board

New students, Master’s students, Sports