Visuals and Templates

KY’s committees must use the KY logo in all visual materials. Sub-committees may use it if they wish and KY Clubs can use the KY logo with a permission from KY’s Communications sector ( in special occasion.

KY's logos can be found in this drive folder. Read below how to use the logo in communication.

KY's logos

KY’s official logo consists of two squares in KY’s colors. The first square contains the original symbol representing the staff of Mercury, and the second one the abbreviation KY and the year we were established, 1911. The green and orange version of the logo is always primarily used. 

KY's primary logo

KY's primary logo

The minimum size for the primary logo is 30mm x 15mm. This means that the primary logo should be used if the logo is 30mm x 15mm or bigger. If you want to use a smaller version of the logo, choose the secondary logo.

KY's secondary logo

KY's secondary logo

In selected cases the traditional emblem can be used as a graphic element. These are for example KY’s official visual materials and some traditional contexts.The emblem can not be used alone nor with the KY letters as that represents our old brand. It can only be used as portrayed here with the numbers 1911. It’s not allowed to use the emblem in other than KY’s brand colors and black-and-white.

KY's colors

KY’s colors orange and dark green date back to the very first years of our history. They are an integral part of our brand. The green represents growth and the orange stands for wealth.

GREEN RGB: 4, 58, 35 CMYK: 88, 47, 86, 60 Hex: #043A23

ORANGE RGB: 244, 142, 32 CMYK: 1, 53, 100, 0 Hex: #F48E20

KY's fonts

Logos and main headings: Titillium web

Heading: Nimbus sans

Text: Crimson text

All the fonts are free Google fonts. Using Google tools these can be found as default fonts and no need to download on computer. Download from web is free of charge for other tools (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)