Visuals and Templates

KY’s committees must use the KY logo in all visual materials. Sub-committees can use the logo if they so choose. KY Clubs can use the KY logo with a permission from KY’s Communications sector in special occasion.

KY's logos and templates for FB covers and posters can be found in this drive folder. Using the templates is voluntary and they were made to help visual design. Read below how to use the logo in communication.

KY logo 


KY’s official logo consists of two squares in KY’s colors. The first square contains the original symbol representing the staff of Mercury, and the second one the abbreviation KY and the year we were established, 1911. The green and orange version of the logo is always primarily used. 


KY's colors

Näyttökuva 2016-08-29 kello 15.50.47

KY's fonts

Logos and main headings: Titillium web

Heading: Nimbus sans

Text: Crimson text

All the fonts are free Google fonts. Using Google tools these can be found as default fonts and no need to download on computer. Download from web is free of charge for other tools (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.)