Lean Organization


The goal of the Lean Organization Strategic Initiative is to structure our organization in a
cost-efficient and strategically sound way. The main focus is reducing costs regarding our biggest expense, personnel costs, to make sure enough funds are allocated to strategic initiatives and KY associations’ subsidies. Actions to decrease the personnel costs will be carried out in a timespan of several years. The goal is to have a strategically and financially sound organization when the new premises are completed.

What will be done

This year the working hours of the Secretaries were monitored and based on the results hours of the Sales Coordinator and IT-coordinator were decreased by 5 hours. This will not affect the level of service since more relevant job descriptions allow better allocation of working hours. Since Sales Coordinator’s one main task is to create new partnerships with KY, a bonus system has been brought up to the conversations as well and probably will be implemented for the next SC. In time after better investigation,  this model will be transformed into a long term provision based salary.

Lean Organization is tightly bound to the Digital KY initiative since in the future some tasks of the secretaries can be digitized.