Landys’ Blog – Year as the Art Director

Hi, I am Landys, current Art Director of Aalto University Business Students ­ KY. I came from totally different circles than business students, however, I was used to working with different kinds of professionals already before. KY people welcome “outsiders” with open arms and embrace new ideas and knowledge from other disciplines. Also, this community is a community in its warmest meaning and the coworkers will support you with whatever questions or doubts you might have.

Art Director is responsible for visual materials in KY and is the visual leader, graphic designer, illustrator, and sometimes even photographer in one package. So you will need to have confidence in your organizational skills alongside basic knowledge of Adobe programs, a good visual eye, and basic illustration and photographic skills. AD is also responsible for the layout of Kylteri magazine together with the Editor-in-Chief. In a normal year, when events are organized and the student society is active again, you will be editing the Kylteri magazine, creating business cards, leaflets, and other graphic design material, days of photographing outside or in a studio, etc. Alongside this Art director in KY gets a lot of creative freedom, and you can and are encouraged to bring your project ideas to the table on building the image of KY what your year ends up being is after all up to you.

Comments from Kiti, Board member responsible for Communications and Brand

“When I started as a board member in January, I knew that there would be a lot of big projects to be finished in spring and summer. The work regarding refreshing KY’s brand and our website would not have been possible without a talented AD such as Landys, and it has been a tremendous asset for us to have someone with such a strong visual skill set in our team. It has been delightful to get to know her and we have had a lot of fun despite the fact that we have been working remotely this spring. 

Communications sector at KY is the biggest and the best sector and I’m looking forward to welcoming the new AD to “Piireistä parhain” in August <3″


AD doesn’t really work with a lot of people outside the KY office, only if there is a problem with a file, the printing house might call you. Inside the office, you will work with almost everyone, but most closely with the communications sector and Editor-in-Chief of Kylteri. The communications sector is the one to rely on, they´ve got your back if the responsibilities feel a bit overwhelming sometimes.


Comments from Jutta, Editor-in-Chief of Kylteri

“The editor-in-chief and AD co-operate on a weekly basis. Together we are in charge of what Kylteri magazine and website look like. AD has a lot of artistic freedom in terms of Kylteri’s layout but the editor is always ready to help when something requires a second opinion. Although making a magazine might sound pretty routine it also has a lot room for creativity and innovating something new. Looking forward to creating something together!”

Especially this year of the pandemic has highlighted the need for self-management and self-discipline as this year has been very different and nothing has been normal. However, it has given the office time to reflect and start fixing things that had needed some fixing already for years, like KY´s web page. So don´t panic when you see this one, it will be changed by the time you will start working. Also, I have had the honor of freshening up KY´s brand in general and I hope it will make your work also easier and more enjoyable. I feel that the level of my professional knowledge and ambition was seen and I was given big responsibilities considering the whole KY´s brand. 

All in all this time with KY has been fun and chill, they have managed to make me feel welcome even through zoom. This job has been perfect for me aside from finishing my master’s in Aalto Arts.

In case you have questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Landys Roimola
Art Director 2020-2021
040 353 8287