KY’s comment on Aino-magazine and Helsingin Sanomat Articles

Today Aino-magazine and Helsingin Sanomat published articles that focused on hidden racism inside Aalto University’s student organizations and especially in KY. Last Autumn KY Office organized an internal office crawl for its 18 employees themed The Empire of Britain and colonial times. During the crawl some of the checkpoints contained racist features e.g. in the form of jokes.

Even though the theme and the content of the checkpoints weren’t meant to be racist, it’s clear that miscalculations were made. KY doesn’t approve or tolerate discrimination in any form. Open conversation culture and tolerance inside our community is a necessity and a matter we strive for. This matter has been addressed on our internal channels and discussions with the parties involved have been started.

We wouldn’t condemn business students as a racist community based on mistakes made by few. The past cannot be changed, but we can learn from it. In the future we want to stronger underline that everyone at KY considers their actions and won’t hesitate to take action if racism is encountered. This is a good wake-up call and we want to make sure mistakes like these won’t happen again. Creating a safe environment where everyone feels they can speak up is one of the main goals of KY.