Kylteri Magazine

If it is thought-provoking and has something to do with business, it is most certainly featured in Kylteri. Aalto University Business Students’ magazine, Kylteri, provides journalism that covers topics ranging from student life and societal phenomena to career and alumni stories.

Kylteri has been keeping up the journalism traditions of Aalto University Business Students for nearly 21 years. Since day one, the magazine has provided its readers with journalism highlighting new perspectives of student life. In the age of social media’s growing impact, the Kylteri editorial team has placed great emphasis on creating timely content on social media. Over the past year, Kylteri has covered topics such as the significance of grades and work-life balance, Reddit’s investment community r/wallstreetbets, and so-called spirit animals of different study programs at the School of Business.

Ever dreamed of working in communications – join Kylteri!

Are you an aspiring writer or do you dream of being the next Hemingway? Are you keen on photography or do your photography skills stretch beyond taking simple snaps on your mobile phone? It doesn’t matter, whether you are a newbie or experienced in the field of magazine making, Kylteri is your place to be! And if you ever feel like you need a helping hand, Kylteri editorial staff is at your disposal. Magazine’s editorial staff is looking for assisting writers, photographers, and illustrators.

Every assisting contributor is paid a recompense, starting from 40 euros. The magazine is published twice this year and the next issue is brought out in early November. Note that fluency in written Finnish is recommended, but Kylteri also publishes social media articles in English.

If you are willing to take part in the making of this magnificent magazine, feel free to contact Kylteri’s Editor-in-Chief ( To find out more and stay informed, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and check out our webpage