Kylteri Magazine

Are you into writing, photographing or illustrating? Or just interested in the student world and phenomena? If the answer is yes, student magazine Kylteri is the right place for you.

Kylteri offers you a chance to develop yourself and learn what it takes to work as a journalist and make a magazine. The editorial staff is always looking for new assistants! Assistant are also paid a small compensation of 30–70 euros, depending on the task at hand.

The magazine is published four times a year. The process of making a new issue of Kylteri usually begins at an editorial meeting with all assistants: this is the time for generating ideas and planning the magazine structure. It’s okay to take part in the meeting even if you’re not willing to write anything!

Assisting Kylteri magazine requires capability to do independent work. The editorial staff, consisting of the Editor-in-Chief and KY’s Art Director, offers you support and guidance to complete your task, but in the end the process of writing, photographing and illustrating is an opportunity for you to test out your independent working skills. As the magazine is in Finnish, writers need to be able to generate readable texts in the language – but it is not mandatory to have experience in magazine writing!

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The best way to get started is to contact the Editor-in-Chief Markus Nieminen (