Men envy and women adore them. And why not the other way round too. Since 1949 KYL has changed the notion of what male choir singing is about. KYL gives your vocal chords the opportunity to produce music ranging from Sibelius to Katy Perry while performing for audiences in top concert halls in Japan (in 2014) to nightclubs in Mummotunneli (don’t ask) or wherever duty calls.

KYL is one of Finland’s top male choirs, and has won international competitions and published critically acclaimed albums. Choir members are more interested in a good attitude than a broad musical background. Do notice, however, that KYL operates and sings in Finnish, so willingness to learn the language is a must! KYL can offer you singing instruction, an appreciation of classical and not-so-classical music, trips to the stages of the world, but most importantly, a life-long brotherhood. Join the choir if you have the balls.

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