KY Week is here, let’s celebrate!

It’s that time of the year again, the most anticipated week of the year is here as our very own KY turns 105. Let’s take a quick look at all the exciting things KY Week brings us!

On Monday you’ll get the chance to refresh your memory when KY organizes an etiquette and dance course at Yläkertsi. The event is free of charge and starts at 5pm. Straight after learning all the essentials of the Annual Ball etiquette, you’ll be able to learn to dance like Channing Tatum, when KYppendales organizes a dance course at the KY building basement. Be there and learn the secrets of the annual ball dances!

Then, after a hard week’s work, on Friday, it’s time to take your songbooks and head to G18, where NESU-KY organizes the fanciest sitsi party of the year, the traditional KY anniversary sitsi party. A three course dinner topped with great company and great entertainment are the essentials for a great evening, helan går! After the sitsi party, it’s time to crown the evening and make your way to Kaivohuone and KY Kuntis, where Anssi Kela will blow the roof! Make sure to secure your tickets, which will be sold on Tuesday and Thursday in Otaniemi, and on Wednesday in Töölö. This is a party you don’t want to miss! If your thirst for a great party doesn’t end there, Kulttuurijaosto will host an afterparty in the KY building basement.

After a great evening on Friday, it’s time for the crown jewel of the week! KY will celebrate its 105th Annual Ball in the glamorous Hotel Hilton Kalastajatorppa. There will be a delicious three course dinner, topped with Boston Promenade and ballroom dances which will make this evening unforgettable. After enjoying the Annual Ball at Kalastajatorppa it’s time to move to the KY building basement, where Kulttuurijaosto will organize the greatest afterparty of the year! Remember that the afterparty is open for all KY members.

You might think that the celebrating would stop there but no! On Sunday it’s time to put on your most imaginative hat, take a leap of faith, get on a bus and head to Kulttuurijaosto’s Sillis?!!?! Some may have some guesses, but you can never know what will happen there!

To wrap things up I would like to congratulate KY for reaching an honorable milestone once again! I hope to see you all at the KY week events and wish you a great KY week. Let’s make it an unforgettable one!

You can find more information about the Annual Ball and all other KY Week events here.

Ville Marchant
Member of the Executive Board
Culture, Volunteers and Probba ry