KY-Speksi 2017 – A story about new beginnings

Have you heard the word “Omstart” yet? Just to forewarn you, you won’t manage to avoid it during the next few weeks. This is because KY-Speksi 2017: JUURIA MYÖTEN is coming up!

To make sure that everyone keeps up, let’s clarify what speksi actually means: Speksi is an interactive musical play made by students. The most exciting part is that anyone from the audience can make suggestions on how a certain scene is performed by shouting “Omstart!” and adding their own wishes to style and so on. In other words, the show has plenty of humorous improvisation besides the music, dance and a written story.

Juuria myöten describes second chances, cultural differences and taking a leap into the unknown. The story begins in 1565 when a trader supplied by a successful Andalusian merchant Juan Manuel Torres is about to leave from Málaga towards South America for new opportunities and adventures. Four very different personalities end up entering the ship, each of them chasing their own dreams. However, the journey doesn’t go on without mishaps and surprises…

Being a part of this production has been interesting, instructive and above all, a lot of fun. Overall, we have 68 members in our crew. I can already say that the new friends, great experiences and seeing the progress are definitely worth the hard work and the best is yet to come.

We in the crew can only wonder where all the time has vanished. There are only 12 nights left and then it’s time to bring the story to life. The premiere takes place at Teatteri Forum on the fourth of February and after that you still have five opportunities to come and see the show in Helsinki. We warmly welcome you to see the KY-Speksi 2017. If you show up, we promise you an entertaining evening full of laugh and excitement. We hope that you’ll enjoy the performance as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. See you at Teatteri Forum!

Maria Kontoniemi

Marketing team, KY-Speksi 2017


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