KY-Ski is the skiing club Aalto University School of Business, that some people could even call legendary. It is one of the oldest clubs in the entire university, being founded in 1975, and having spread the joy of skiing and related activities ever since!

For KY-Ski, skiing is the main theme and backbone, but not everything. The club organizes the craziest trips and coolest events around the year, including fresh snow, warm seas and wild parties. Annually, these include a 300-person skiing trip to Lapland by a private train, surfcamps and skiing around the world, as well as snow and watersports events near Helsinki. To offer the best for skiiers, surfers and party people of Aalto, KY-Ski works together with other skiing clubs around the country, not to forget the strong precence in other events all year round!

KY-Ski’s events are something you have to experience, and they are open for all, regardless of your skiing background. Follow the club on Facebook and Instagram to know what’s up, to hear about new events and skiing trends. Just jump on a board and enjoy the ride!