KY Seniorikilta

Is there still life after graduation? Well, for KY-minded people there certainly is! The purpose of the KY Seniorikilta is to act as a bond between kylteris who have graduated from Aalto University School of Business (or its predecessors) and who get all warm-and-fuzzy inside when the letters K and Y are combined. Seniorikilta also promotes unity between the current and former KY members.

KY Seniorikilta organizes several events annually, such as a singing night, after works, its own annual ball and the already traditional gathering during KY Vappu celebrations. Members also get to hear about current happenings at KY as well as at the Aalto community and also get invitations to specific KY events – how cool is that?

KY Seniorikilta has its own board that meets up regularly. The members of the board 2019 are

Linda Löfbacka, chairman
Anu Torkko 
Anni Häsä
Aimo Järvinen
Taru Kuusisto
Riku Oksman
Arttu Aine
Mikko Hiltunen

Become a member!

You get to join KY Seniorikilta by joining Aalto-yliopiston kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat ry (KY) as a senior member. If you have been a member of KY during your studies, please note that your student membership ends when you graduate.

Hence to become a senior member after your graduation, please fill in the sign up form.

Currently the membership is free for the first year for the new joiners. After the first year (as well as for other members than new joiners) the membership fee is currently 20 euros per year.

If you have any questions regarding KY Seniorikilta, you can contact us via email (seniorikilta(a)gmail.com) or our Facebook page. Remember to follow our page as well!