KY Seniorikilta

Wait, what is KY Seniorikilta? KY people in rollators?

You may have not thought about it, but KY fun is not over after graduating. There is life even after finishing your studies. This KY-life becomes maybe (hopefully) a bit lighter and happens at slower pace. In some carefully chosen occasions it has exactly the same ingredients as the actual KY-life has: it gathers the likeminded people around something fun and entertaining – maybe spiced up with a small vibe of nostalgy!

Anyone who feels that he or she have had their moments at KY in some form or another is welcomed to join KY Seniorikilta. It doesn’t matter which decade you went to parties or which club you were active in. Good stories and fun moments are guaranteed as well as really bad jokes. And I literally mean they are bad. It seems that it is some kind of consequense of being involved in KY. Or then it is just pre-existing feature that all KY-people have.

What do we do?

The same old. The feeling in Seniorikilta’s events is pretty much the same as earlier – except the people are almost grown-ups these days. This is visible mainly in the fact that they may go to sleep already around 1-2AM. Also, instead of Kuntis and sits-parties they all go to Kalle on Thursdays. The main events for Seniorikilta are the Spring Get2Gether, Summer-afterworks, sits-like singing nights, Annual Ball (Seniorikillan vuosijuhla, not to be confused with KY’s Annual ball in spring) and then some minor events like Quartal-drinks, Glögi-night and Wanhojen VappuTolppa (well, it is just a meeting place in front of KY during May Day).

Why we keep doing this?

Well you know, quite soon after graduating from School of Business many people start to miss the little something beside your studies. Except now it is not the studies, but work life. You work, you exercise, you see your friends but sometimes you wish there would be a small nostalgic moment with your pals from university. Maybe a drink or two, couple of good stories, then some old friends or maybe a new friend from previous or current decade  – all having same passion, KY. It is always great fun. Want to ask more? Just send private message to us on Facebook.

And what is the cost of membership? It’s only 20 euros per year.

Joona Alestalo

KY Seniorikilta

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