KY Secretariat 2018-19 has been chosen!

Aalto University Business Students (KY) has chosen the secretariat for 2018-19:

  • Nina Pitkänen, PR & Press Officer
  • Nora Jarner, Secretary for Cultural Affairs
  • Annukka Laine, Art Director
  • Iiris Savolainen, Secretary for Clubs and Societies
  • Rasmus Mäkinen, Sales Coordinator

“During my first year as the Secretary General, the recruiting process has been one of the hardest things for me so far. We had to turn down numerous talented applicants this year. The new secretariat will most definitely be outstanding and create great atmosphere in the office and within the KY community.” says Esa-Pekka Mattila, KY’s Secretary General.  

The search for the IT Coordinator continues.

KY warmly congratulates the newly-chosen secretaries! The secretariat 2018-19 will start working at KY Office in August.