KY Secretariat 2017-18 has been chosen

Aalto University Business Students (KY) has chosen the secretariat 2017-18:

  • Aura Hemminki, Sales Coordinator
  • Iida Suhonen, PR & Press Officer
  • Marja Karvinen, Secretary for Cultural Affairs
  • Reea Ruohonen, Art Director
  • Saku Virtanen, IT Coordinator
  • Silla Aaltonen, Secretary for Clubs and Societies

“We received a lot of great applications for each of the positions and had to make some difficult choices on who to hire. These were definitely one of the most difficult decisions during my years as Secretary General. I’m sure the atmosphere at the office will be off the roof and the secretariat 2017-18 will have the time of their lives. I believe KY will be in good hands in the future as well!” says Karri Tuominen, KY’s Secretary General.  

KY warmly congratulates the newly-chosen secretaries! The secretariat 2017-18 will start working at KY office in August.