KY Ribbon

KY has its own special ribbon, that members of KY use in academic events, such as KY’s and other associations’ annual balls.
24.4.2018 KY Ribbon. Photo: Renja Nurmi

Price: 2 € / 50cm

It is also possible to purchase 4 x 50cm = 2m ribbon for the price of 8€.

The appearance of the KY ribbon was decided already in the 1910s and the original ribbon and a model rosette are stored in the KY archives. The two colors of the ribbon are orange and green, the colors of KY standing for gold and the earth. The ribbon is 30 mm wide, split evenly between both colors.

How to use the ribbon?

The ribbon can be used in two ways: as a long sash or as a folded rosette. Tradition states that the ribbon may not touch the wearer’s skin, which is why most females opt for the rosette. The sash is worn so that it drapes down from the right shoulder over one’s chest down to the left. The lighter color, orange, is always on top. Gentlemen should wear the sash on top of their shirt, beneath the vest and tailcoat.

The rosette is worn on the chest, on the right side of the gown. Orange is up top horizontally and towards left vertically.

DIY: rosette

Equipment: half a meter of KY ribbon, scissors, a ruler or measuring tape, a safety pin.