We have gathered an unique collection of products for every Kylteris’ needs to use in student parties, in more official events or at school. Depending on a product, you can buy it from KY Office or order it at the announced fittings. Come stop by our office during the service hours!

ky t-shirt

White t-shirt with a green pocket. Made in Estonia.

Price: 25 €

Available in sizes XS-XXL

KY Sweatshirt

Dark green and orange sweatshirt with KY letters on it. Made in Turkey.

Price: 40 €

Available in sizes XXS-XL

KY Hoodie

Gray Pure Waste Unisex hoodie with embroidered KY emblem and text AALTO-YLIOPISTON KAUPPATIETEIDEN YLIOPPILAAT

Price: 45 €

Available in sizes XS-XXL

ky 110 t-shirt

White t-shirt with a print. The print consists of the legendary photo of KY members on the roof of KY Building in the 1960’s or 1970’s and the lyrics from “Ylioppilaskunta-ajat” song from Kiljukaula songbook. The KY110 t-shirt is limited edition, only 300 pieces available! 100% cotton, Made in Turkey

Price: 25 €

Available in sizes XXS-XXL (see the size chart below)

KY scarves

Grey KY scarf is made of 100 % merino wool and is produced by the Finnish designer Marja Kurki. KY scarf is available in two sizes, smaller one of which goes nicely with any wool coat while the bigger one is big enough to use as a blanket as the evenings get cold. On top of Marja Kurki logo, you can find KY green and orange squares.


30 x 180 cm / 25 € 

75 x 200 cm / 50€

overall badge

Place the shield on your left breast pocket, right on top of your heart. The shield contains the most important symbols of KY – the colours and the logo – and, despite its more than affordable price, it’s the most valuable overall badge you will ever own.

Price: 2 €


Kiljukaula is the official songbook of KY. Bring your own to lauluilta parties to collect memories and writings from the people around you. Kiljukaula contains the most traditional songs throughout our history.

Price: 5 €

ky ribbon

KY’s green and orange ribbon, which is used at academic events, such as KY’s and other associations’ annual balls. The ribbon is 30 mm wide, split evenly between both colors.


50 cm / 2€

200cm / 8€ 

ky cockade

KY Emblem as a cockade for your student cap.

Price: 10 €

member pin

KY Member pin is to be used on your jacket’s lapel. The pin is weighted from the back to stay in an upright position instead of turning around.

Price: 7 €

ky history: Sata vuotta opintojen tiellä

'KY History: Sata vuotta opintojen tiellä' tells KY’s story for its first 100 years. This book is a great way to look back to where we came from and to truly understand the kylteri traditions we still cherish.

Price: 10€

ky tote bag

Black tote bag with KY Emblem on it.

Price: 10 €

ky 110 bottle

A black bottle with KY Emblem engraved on it. 500ml and keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours. The KY110 bottle is limited edition, only 200 pieces available! Made in China, Engraved in France

Price: 20 €


The KY overalls are an honored garment worth much more than their price, which you’ll end up wearing more than imagined. This let’s everyone know which school you represent – behave accordingly!

Price: 20 €

When to order: Every autumn at Mursu Expo

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