KY in Otaniemi



Espilä is located in Espoo at Konemiehentie 4, right opposite of KY’s festival hall Saha and about 300 meters west from the School of Business premises. Espilä is where the KY board, employees and staff of the KY Foundation work at. If you’re interested in learning more about KY, drop in and say hi, let’s have coffee together! Espilä also has conference rooms available for reservation and common working space open for all volunteers to use.

When in need of KY related assistance, turn to the on-call KY service secretary. With their assistance you can, for example, pick up stickers for your mursu passport, or go through the lost & found after a slightly longer and blurrier night. You can also buy KY products (I Heart KY t-shirts, overall badges, hoodies, scarves etc.) and receive help while organizing events.


Saha is the festival hall and new heart of KY culture – the home of parties and KY activities in Otaniemi. Saha is located at Konemiehentie 1, right across the street and around 100 steps away from Espilä. This festival hall is entirely reserved for KY’s use – and available for KY’s associations’ reservations. When available, the venue is also rented out to AYY’s special status associations and all Aalto University schools.

KY Corner

KY Corner is a break room for all business students, conveniently located at the school’s premises at the first floor of the U-wing of the Bachelor Center in Otaniemi. The space caters a small cafeteria-type kitchen and sofas for relaxing and chatting with your friends. The place is accessible for students 24/7! KY Corner is a natural place to meet other business students during your school day or after the lectures. Right next to the KY Corner is a 24/7 Learning Hub to do your homework at or meet up for group work.