KY granted 80.800 euros in subsidies to student associations

The application period for KY Foundation’s association subsidies was open until the 28th March. This year, the Foundation received 52 applications, which is on the same level as previous years. Altogether associations applied subsidies for 119.206 euros.

The subsidies granted (80.800) were divided as follows:

  • Subject clubs: 22.350
  • KY’s subcommittees (KUJ, NESU-KY, KY-SUB): 20.000
  • Sport clubs: 11.850
  • Culture clubs: 7.500
  • Other associations: 19.100

In addition to the purpose of the associations, their financial situation and the extent, activity and quality of their operations were taken into consideration when granting association subsidies. This year, actions towards multi-disciplinary operations in Aalto received extra attention as business students have moved to a new environment in Otaniemi.

The applications were processed by the association subsidies committee, which consists of members of KY Foundation’s executive and supervisory boards, as well as members appointed by KY association. The committee decided on the association subsidies, after which the decisions were transferred to the KY Foundation’s executive board for approval on 11th April 2016.

The KY Foundation aims to support the progress of students from the Aalto University School of Business in their societal, social, professional and mental goals as well as provide assistance to studies and study life and help with the bonding of students.