KY Foundation's Funding

To fund your club’s activities and events, you can also apply for KY Foundation’s subsidies. Every year the KY Foundation gives out over 100 000 euros funding as subsidies for various clubs, events or projects.

There are two kinds of subsidies – funding for yearly operations and project funding. For the planned activities organized during the present year e.g. all your events and other plans. You can apply for funding for yearly operations during spring, usually in March.

Project funding is offered for surprising and moderate needs and is hence available year-round. However, clubs are advised to mainly make use of the yearly operations application during spring. Project funding is also meant for new clubs for the first year funding and any student groups or individuals with a project.

For more information and the application form itself, visit KY Foundation’s website.

If you have any questions regarding the subsidies, don’t hesitate to contact the Subsidies committee!