KY Foundation offers subsidies to student associations and projects

If you have a club or a project that needs funding, you have reached the right blog post. KY Foundation supports both student projects and associations that promote the social, professional, intellectual or study and student life related aims within the Aalto University School of Business in addition to supporting the traditions of economics students in the Helsinki region. Basically, if your activity benefits the business students at Aalto University, you can apply for a subsidy. Take a look at the bases for granting subsidies.

In the year 2015 KY Foundation granted around 90 000 euros in subsidies to different student organizations, in addition to the subsidy granted to KY association.

There are two kinds of subsidies you can apply for:

  • Funding for yearly operations and large projects (application period 22.2.–28.3.2016)
  • Project funding (year-round)

The main part of the subsidies will be granted during spring. The application period for yearly operations and large projects is the right time to apply for funding for planned events and activities that will be executed under the present year. In other words: funding for yearly association activities and also for large or repetitive projects.

Year-round open project funding application period is aimed primarily for small-scale projects. It is a flexible way to apply for funding. An indicative maximum subsidy for a small project is 2 000 euros. The project can be, for example, a new event or an idea that enhances learning – basically anything that benefits the business students at Aalto University.  

The application form can be found on the web page.

In addition to filling the application form, associations and student groups are required to provide appendices, e.g. a project plan and a budget. More information available on the web page.

Note that the association subsidies and project funding will only be paid after the subsidies have received KY Foundation’s executive board’s approval. The board convenes once a month (excluding summer months).
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at