KY Building


The 7-storey KY Building, located in Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, has acted as the home of KY members since 1941. 

The building hosts two party venues: Yläkertsi on the third floor and Alakertsi in the basement. The basement is also home for many of KY’s organizations. On the third floor, you’ll find KY’s service secretary on Fridays 15-17. They will be happy to assist you on all KY related matters or act as your supplier for the envied KY products.


The story of the KY Building

KY members’ very own building, literally the KY Building, is one of the strongest symbols of KY. The building project was a demonstration of strength of the KY actives in the 1930s. The funds to finance the construction were gathered for long and in various ways, and the project didn’t go quite according to original plans.

KY had already bought the land where Hanken currently resides on Runeberginkatu, but due to the depression of the 30s it had to be given up. In 1939 KY got a new chance, and that’s when the current piece of land was bought. The war slowed construction down considerably, but eventually the building was finished in 1940.

A home for KY members

In 1947, KY Building’s seventh floor was built to act as student apartments. The building now had the capacity to house 72 students, and thus the KY Building faced, among other things, corridor brawls, alcohol smuggling and massive parties. The seventh floor residents also had a habit of arranging a yearly skiing competition on the roof of the building.

KY gave up the student apartments in the 1970s. A general vote supported keeping the dorms, but giving up the apartments was voted a more financially sound choice by to the board and representative council of the time.

A center for nightlife

In the 1960s, the KY Building became one of the most central party spots of Helsinki. The building hosted the restaurant Kynssit, as well as the dining locale Espilä. The basement, on the other hand, concealed the operation of a speakeasy, Kylterikellari. Later in the 1980s, the KY-owned KY-Exit ran in the building, becoming one of the most popular nightclubs of the time.

A house of action

The KY student union donated KY Building to KY Foundation in 2008. Nowadays members may enjoy the basement’s party and club spaces as well as the third floor meeting, party and office spaces. Year 2015 marks a historical event, as the 75-year history in Töölö came to a turning point when KY office moved to Otaniemi in June.

Future plans

Alongside with planning new spaces to Otaniemi, is KY Building’s future also under investigation. The desire is to renovate the building to its original purpose, student housing. KY Foundation left an application for zoning the plan in Autumn 2017. However, the processing of the alteration of a plan usually takes around 2 years.