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KY Buddy is all about mini-mentoring: thought-provoking conversations, relevant advice and shared experiences in bite-sized portions for all Aalto business students.
TL;DR: Meet up with a young Buddy mentor to confidentially discuss work or life related questions and learn to find answers, identify opportunities and figure out what you want for your present or future. No pre-requisites or long commitments: come as you are and leave when you’ve had enough!


You – as a mentee – could be wondering about topics like identifying your study or career alternatives, goals & dreams, understanding your strengths, skills & necessary development efforts or wondering about events like choosing your minor studies, getting your first internship, graduating or combining work with the rest of your life. Nothing is too big or small – if it’s something you’re thinking about, surely someone has been through it before you!

Your Buddy – the mentor – will be a young professional: someone who has graduated a few years ago and thus is not too far from the student mentality and first career choices themselves, but is able to provide mature insights into job hunting, working and self-development through their own work experience. The first batch of Buddies come from management consulting, working for Bearing Point. You can think of the Buddy mentor as a more experienced friend with first-hand insight of the last years of uni and first years of working life. Participating in mini-mentoring requires no prior experience or long-term commitment. Signing up, you can wish for a specific mentor or list a few topic ideas on what you would like to talk about. We will then match you with a Buddy that best suits your wishes! Each mentoring pair can meet up 1 – 3 times to discuss jointly agreed upon topics. The style, place, time and goals of these meetings are up to you to decide together! The Buddy is there to help you as best they can.

Please note that the mentors are not recruiters: do not expect to be offered job opportunities – instead, we hope the discussions will help you develop yourself and get better at finding your dream job later on in life!