KY Alumni

Is there still life after graduation? Well, for KY-minded people there certainly is! 

KY alumni is a place where graduates (or those identifying as graduates) from Aalto University School of Business get to mingle with other graduates as well as with current students. If you get all warm-and-fuzzy inside when reminiscing about your student times and when the letters K and Y are used in combination, you are at the right place!

Normally we organize several events annually, such as lauluilta, after-works and our own annual ball. Our members get to hear what’s currently happening at KY and the Aalto community and also invitations to attend specific KY events – how cool is that?

We have our own board that meets up regularly and organizes the events. The members for the year 2021 are:


Riku Hurskainen, chairman
Saara Kolari, vice-chair
Anu Torkko
Aimo Järvinen

Laura Jutila
Linda Löfbacka
Riikka Nieminen
Mia Lundström (mandate) 

Become a member!

Interested in joining us? Great, it’s super easy – just fill in this membership form. By joining KY Alumni, you are also a senior member of KY. You can join us even before you are officially graduated. Please note that if you have been a member of KY during your student times, your student memberships ends when you graduate and you do not become a member of KY Alumni automatically. Currently there are no joining or annual membership fees.

Do you any questions or feedback regarding KY Alumni, our events or the work that we do? You can contact us via e-mail ( or via our Facebook page (remember to follow the page as well). 

We are looking forward to meeting you in our future events!