KY Alumni Mentoring Program 2020

In KY Mentoring Program you will have an opportunity to connect with a former KY active member and a graduate. Together you will have a chance to talk about balancing your studies with KY activities, building your career path and of course share your favorite KY memories! Everyone who has been active in KY, from clubs to committees and subject clubs to KY’s office is encouraged to apply.

The application form for actors can be found here:

The call for actors is open until September 27th.

Meet our Mentors!

The mentors for KY Mentoring Program have been chosen! From this page you will find short introductions of all our mentors. The mentors are in a random order and we recommend you to get familiar with all of them. You can express your wishes on the mentor in the application form. The final decisions on mentoring pairs will be done by the Mentoring Program work group.

Mentor A.

Year of graduation: 2017
Major: Finance

Life is more interesting when you don’t narrow down options. I chose to simultaneously combine studying, KY, full-time job and other responsibilities. After two exchanges, I ended up working in a multinational corporation in Switzerland, and, through Copenhagen and Stockholm, I am now back in Helsinki as a team leader.”

Mentor B.

Year of graduation: 2013
Major: Entrepreneurship

I am an easygoing and talkative volunteer worker and a financial industry professional. I have many years of experience in mentoring and especially like to discuss and find out personal strengths and career opportunities. I hope to find an actor who is open, curious and will come up with personal goals for mentoring, rest will happen on its own!”

Mentor C.

Year of graduation: 2016
Major: Management

In my times I was an active member in NESU on the local and Nordic level. In addition to studies and student organizations I worked part-time and after graduating I’ve especially enjoyed managerial tasks. Hopefully I can help out a student with my experience from work life, NESU and studies.”

Mentor D.

Year of graduation: 2014
Major: Strategy & CEMS MiM

I currently work as a business development manager for a global tech company in Amsterdam. During my studies In Aalto, I studied Strategy in parallel with the CEMS MIM program. After studies I joined a consultancy before shifting gears and moving to Amsterdam for my current position in 2018.

Mentor E.

Year of graduation: 2020
Major: Information and Service Management

Recently graduated from ISM, minors in Computer Science & Finance. At KY, I was in NESU-KY board, Rep Council and KY Foundation. Also spent three years at Slush. Currently working as Associate at BCG specializing in digital projects. Previous work experience from analytics, consulting and private equity.”

Mentor F.

Year of graduation: 2018
Major: Economics

English speaking Economics major with an extensive 3 year experience of volunteering at KY at a Club since its very formation, working together with amazing volunteers until the club became a committee, going through a lot of challenges but the skills and experiences learned cannot be learned any other way.”

Mentor G. 

Year of graduation: 2017
Major: Marketing

“Marketing major student graduated in 2017. During my studies belonged to one commitee but I am having a comprehensive understanding of KY and different players.  Used to work in a few different media agencies with the biggest brands in Nordics. Currently taking care of fashion and retail brand customers in a Finnish ad tech company.””

Mentor H.

Year of graduation: 2014
Major: International Business & CEMS

I have 8 years experience in FMCG industry in sales, category management and consumer psychology from few major companies in the industry. I can help you with finding the right type of role and organization if this industry interest you and advice on how to prepare for interviews”

Mentor I.

Year of graduation: 2005
Major: Organizations & management

I am education enthusiast, change agent, and an internationally oriented people’s person, and higher education has been my field since my studies. I work currently as education administrator, and am finalising my doctoral dissertation. In my freetime, I read, cook, go to gym and learn to play golf.”

Mentor J.

Year of graduation: 2011
Major: Management

I’m a proud KY and Mikkeli Alumni who has been working in SaaS companies for 8 years in customer facing roles in several markets. I also have several years of experience in Leadership positions.  

As a person I am outgoing and opinionated. I believe that development needs open & honest dialogue, teamwork and confidence to take a leap of faith.”

Mentor K.

Year of graduation: 2019
Major: Accounting

I graduated last year majoring in Accounting and work currently in M&A industry. During my studies I volunteered in various positions at KY and AYY, and have thus a broad understanding of student life at Aalto. I’m looking forward to supporting students during their time at Aalto with the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained at KY. “

Mentor L.

Year of graduation: 2018
Major: Marketing

I have a whole lotta KY activities behind me, mostly in or at least tangentially related to the Cultural sector. Nowadays, I run marketing in an IT consultancy company and try to make sense of life outside it.”

Mentor M.

Year of graduation: 2017
Major: Economics

From day 1, KY pulled me deep into its core to live student life to its fullest and make friends for life in various committees and boards. On the side, I majored in Economics, exchanged in Asia, worked at the university and had a consulting internship at my current employer, where I now focus on digital transformations and strategy work.”

Mentor N.

Year of graduation: 2020
Major: Accounting

I’m currently working at a venture capital firm based in Helsinki, investing globally into early stage startups. At KY I was active in a committee, a subcommittee & did other volunteering.”

Mentor O. 

Year of graduation: 2020
Major: Management and International Business

I spent 7 years at Aalto and almost all those years I was active in some student organisation throughout KY and AYY. Now, after 1 year in working life, I can definitely say that the years were worth it! Maybe the most rewarding and useful experiences gained from being active in KY are the leadership skills and the project management skills. 

I have background in management studies and currently I work as an internal business developer for a digital consultancy company. I am particularly interested in psychology, strategy, leadership and of course KY related topics, but happy to coach and discuss other topics as well. “

Mentor P. 

Year of graduation: 2017
Major: Marketing & CEMS MiM

“I’m a 2017 graduate who spend years at KY chasing the big stories, trying to experiment new things and having a blast with friends. I’d like to stay I’ve striven to continue to do those things also after the graduation. My interests then and still today include technology development, consumer behavior and sustainable business. I’ve worked within management consulting and strategy development.”

Mentor Q.

Year of graduation: 2020
Major: Strategy 

Hi! I am a 29-year-old dude who has worked full time in a small strategy consulting company for three years. Before that I worked started my career at Posti. I studied at Aalto biz from 2011 to 2020, first in Mikkeli and then at the main campus Strategy Programme.”