KY 105 – mailing and menus

Hello again!

The Annual Ball’s preparations are up and running! Last week, we spent a day together with the girls in order to get the invitations ready for post. A brunch to get the day started (yes, that is essential – team spirit, after all!), hundreds of postage stamps, envelopes and invitations…as you can see from above 🙂

Are you now wondering, who are these lovely ladies I have already mentioned several times? Check out our team’s page here. Great, now you know who you should blame! I do hope, though, that our team inspires you to attend the ball or even apply to be a part of the Committee next year.

Apart from having fun with the invitations, we are now contacting possible sponsors and speakers, buying decorations, collecting pine cones (same old, same old) and scheduling the date for food tasting. We must assure you get the best option on the menu! The delicious menu of KY’s 105th Annual Ball will be published on our website next week.

Now, what on Earth am I doing in the Committee, and what this magic “Internationality” that I am responsible for is? Bad news – my answer only comes with the next post. Good news – I will get to the very detail of my personal experience with the Annual Ball and the Finnish student culture in general.
Thanks for your time and happy 2016! 🙂


Member of the Annual Ball Committee, Internationality