KY 105 – Annual Ball in the making!

Once again, history repeats itself.

In February 2016, KY will become a year older, with appropriate style and elegance. The halls of Hilton Hotel Kalastajatorppa will be filled with sounds of champagne bottles popping and cameras flashing, entertaining speeches, laughter and live music performed by Boston Promenade.

One thing, however, will be different this year. We invite you to join us on an adventure back to 1911, when the tale of KY began. The Annual Ball 2016 will remind us all about KY values –  development and cooperation, as well as the stories behind KY’s identifying colours – growth and wealth. The theme will be built around these cornerstones, and we promise that even the most experienced kylteri will be surprised.

The Annual Ball Committee started its hard work back in November. The theme has been developed, decorations found, Hilton Hotel Kalastajatorppa visited several times, corporate partners and guest speakers contacted, menu variations reviewed… even 200 pine cones were picked up (still 120 to go).

For the first time, going hand in hand with KY strategy, the Annual Ball will be subtitled in English and include a select number of performances in English, making it more approachable for every single kylteri. Without any doubt, this is the event each Aalto BIZ student has to experience. I will later share my personal impressions with you – as an international master’s student, I have jumped into every single opportunity to experience Finnish student life and traditions. I have never looked back.

So, dear reader, stay tuned! Meanwhile, we invite you to visit the brand new Annual Ball website at to read more about the celebration and to get to know the amazing ladies from the Annual Ball Committee. On behalf of our team, I wish you happy New Year! Relax, eat well and get ready for the upcoming semester and the Annual Ball we are preparing for you!


Member of the Annual Ball Committee, Internationality