Kuntarahoitus: Working on the forefront of the future at MuniFin

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Who: Hanna Rantonen, 39 years

Education: University of Jyväskylä, MSc (econ.), 2000-2006

Career in MuniFin: From the year 2017

Current role: Business Development Manager, Head of Development Office


  • Climate change and increasing environmental awareness
  • A growing sense of community and the need for inclusion
  • Urbanization and demographic changes
  • The sharing economy and structural economic reforms

These are issues that for example Sitra has listed as megatrends that will shape the operating environments of the future. Even today, these are issues that Municipality Finance is already working on and navigate the days of its employees.


Our Vision to be the Best Financial Expert for our Clients

As an employer, I think that MuniFin is just compact enough to have the atmosphere of a small company yet its scope and operating field are broad and diverse. Regardless of duties or job titles, MuniFin’s core mission of securing funding for municipalities is present and visible in everyone’s jobs. I find it motivational to have the opportunity to work with socially relevant issues, and that my own input has the potential to influence what kind of Finland we will have in the future. We are already doing many things, which are only being discussed elsewhere.

The internal operating model of MuniFin enables each of its employees to utilize their own expertise to accomplish MuniFin’s vision of being the best financial expert for its clients. For example, we have a lot of different development projects where experts from different fields work on solutions and services – such as green and social financing and new digital services, to meet customer demands.

MuniFin also offers its employees a broad range of opportunities for developing and expanding their skills. During my 2.5 years at MuniFin I have participated in developing business and information management, creating operating models and working methods, as well as innovation development. Projects that I have been involved with most recently include document management development and the developing the change capacity of our personnel.


A Changing World Needs New Kinds of Thoughts, Skills, and Working Methods

Future experts will be required to have an even better understanding of the needs of its customers, as well as the ability to keep track of and react to changes in the operating environment. Work development takes places where the actual work itself is done. An important future skill will be the ability to effectively address changes in regulation, markets, and externalities in our own operating functions and work duties. I believe that in the future, the continuous development of one’s own work, function, and organization will become an even more integrated part of the work of every MuniFin employee.

Technology, for example digitalization in the form of robotics and artificial intelligence continuously shapes the way MuniFin operates – and undoubtedly will continue to do so at an ever-increasing speed in the future. Utilizing data and automation are already an integral part of each working day. In addition to in-depth financial expertise, the toolkits of many MuniFin employees will include expertise related to data utilization and understanding the impact of algorithms on behavior. It is not simply a matter of adopting individual technologies, but more so of holistic changes in mindsets and approaches, which requires different perspectives and skills.

MuniFin needs builders of tomorrow who accept the continuous need for change in their own operations, and have the ability to constantly embrace and adopt new issues. Tomorrow, many things will be different than they are today.