Kuntarahoitus: Good job consists of many elements – big and small


Info box

Who: Tiina Lammi, 37 years

Education: Laura University of Applied Sciences, International Business to Business Marketing

Career in MuniFin: From the year 2011

Current role: Development Specialist, HR and Communications


Meaningful work is one of the key elements people say when asked what defines a good job. Young Talents at Work poll of 2019 showed that 87% of youth valued purpose over paycheck. Over 50% of MuniFin employees are categorised as millennials.

I asked around in our office what makes MuniFin a good place to work. I got answers like good location, great colleagues, good job opportunities and good benefits. However, what stood out was that most people answered that you get to work with things that really matter in a society. You really get to see schools and homes for elderly built with funding from MuniFin.

Purpose isn’t the only important thing. We spend 8 hours at work per a day, more time than we typically spend with our family during the weekdays. I would say colleagues are like other family and workplace is like other home. One of course would like to enjoy the time at work with people around you. So what happens inside the company, not only speaking about business but also other work aspects are significant.


Cosy atmosphere is important

Here in MuniFin we make many things to make our employees feel good about working in this company. In addition to comprehensive employer benefits MuniFin takes particular care of employees wellbeing and work culture and community overall.

MuniFin has maintained the small firm’s cosy atmosphere even it has grown rapidly in the past years. The number of employees nowadays is about 170. MuniFin employees consists of 49 % women and 51 % men aged between 26-62 years working in customer finance, capital markets, risk management, finance and reporting, business development and IT, legal and HR.

Sense of community has maintained due to the several means. Many of them that have been part of MuniFin’s culture for years. For example, every year the pre-Christmas party organizers are selected among personnel. In addition, among employees, a small group called Kursi is selected every year and they are responsible of organising leisure time activities. With Kursi, we have done many kind of sports, culinary or cultural activities such as movies, swimming, laser war, after work, theatres, stand-up and museums. Kursi also arranges a lovely breakfast at the office about twice a year and this breakfast moment is something all employees are always looking forward to.

Transparency is one of MuniFin’s values and last year we started to use Teams application all over the organisation. In Teams, employees can write about anything what comes to mind. Post news, ask for a help or advice, even share food recipes.

With a growing number of employees people have said that they don’t anymore know their colleagues that well. Then an idea came to my mind: lets make employee interviews in order to get to know our colleagues a bit better and post those on Teams. After an interview, people challenge their colleague to be a star of the next interview. Now there are already 20 stories in Teams about our employees, their work, career, hobbies and fun facts. It is so nice to hear that people have appreciated this idea a lot and it feels like it has increased the cosy atmosphere in MuniFin.

 In the picture Jenni Heikkilä with one office doggo Oiva puppy


I must not forget to mention that we also have some visiting furry friends at the office almost weekly! In our secretaries office space people are allowed to bring their doggos to visit and people can then visit, play with and pet dogs. We have a separate office dog calendar where people can check whether there is a furry friend visiting at the office. We have had small and big dogs from Chihuahua to Labrador retriever and puppies to adult doggos and I would say that over 15 different dogs have visited our office already!

Wellbeing at work consists of many matters, small and big. And these all are important.