Kauppiksen Porvarit

Kauppakorkeakoulun Porvarit is a political student association which is a member of the Student League of National Coalition party of Finland, Tuhatkunta.

The association arranges interesting events such as events for first year students,  sauna evenings, excursions, panel discussions and sitsi parties. Members also participate in the elections of the representative council of AYY as well as in Tuhatkunta’s events held around Finland. The association members can significantly influence the types of events they will arrange.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the events, however, events are primarily held in Finnish. You can get more information by emailing to porvarit@ky.fi or by visiting Facebook page at fb.com/porvarit. Dates of all events are announced there as they are decided, so make sure you don’t miss the event held for mursus especially!