Katariina’s year as a member of the KY Board

I didn’t want to begin my blog with a cliché. That’s the worst thing to do according to teachers from my high school but at this point I just can’t help myself:

A picture is worth a thousand words – and so is this year!


During my year at KY board I have met dozens of amazing people. The best ones are of course the other board members. Our board is like one big family: we work together, we eat together, we party together and we hang out together. In this group we can say anything to each other. Our year at KY board might come to its end but the story of KYH16 will continue.


I have been responsible for educational affairs, wellbeing and international weeks. Although my normal day includes usually more than one meeting with school personnel, most of the work is still done in Kopola: the place at the office we use for answering hundreds of emails, workshopping about the new things happening at our university and doing all other backstage things. Kopola is also the best place for mouho.

img-20160507-wa0012KY board is a lifestyle but you will still have time to exercise. This picture is from Aalto Adventure Race which we took part last spring. We cycled around Helsinki and Espoo the whole day and tried to find – and of course accomplish – all the checkpoints.


Nordic Forum was something to remember! We had participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. Two days full of laugh, workshopping and making new friends!


A big part of my job has been representing KY for example at annual balls. I have attended seven different annual balls this year and all of them have been so much fun! I tried to decide one best memory from annual balls but I couldn’t – there are just so many of them. So, come and ask me some funny stories from those nights!


During my year at the board I have also had a pleasure to get to know Aalto community. If you’re not sure what Aalto community is about, I’ll give you some keywords: Aalto Party, Tempaus, teekkari, Tokyo, kilta, jallu, nights without sleep, Otaniemi…


One big part of my position is to keep in touch with the school faculty: dean, vice dean, professors, teachers and other school personnel. I hardly knew any teachers last year but that have changed really quickly.

The one responsible for educational affairs has also the honor to award the teacher of the year at KY’s annual ball. This year it was the most awesome Kari Hoppu!


I’m also the chairman of Academic Affairs Committee KOVA. When I applied to the board I never imagined I would have a committee to lead. I have learned so much about leadership and that is just something you can’t learn from lectures at university. This picture is taken just after we won the nomination of the best committee of the spring.


Last week we got a chance to visit Norway: we attended SBIO’s annual ball, saw the famous painting Huuto and visited Norwegian Business School’s Oslo campus. What a great way to meet new people from Scandinavian countries!


This year is something one simply can’t sum up, you just have to experience it. If you have ever thought, even for a minute, applying for KY board – do it. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Katariina Ollari

Member of the board

Educational affairs, wellbeing and international weeks