Julia’s year as a member of the KY Board

For the past year, each time I’ve been asked how I am doing, my immediate response has been “busy”. But that small word hides so much behind – not a day has passed without being grateful I decided to send the application. Experiences, things I’ve learned and friends as close as family cannot be compared with the hours or effort put to KY the past year.

At KY I’ve had three things on my responsibility – communication, brand and alumni affairs. Firstly, coordinating communication in a community this big sure is a challenge. Luckily the people I’ve worked with are just great and I can honestly say I’ve learned so much from them. As the head of communications I’ve been responsible for the sector not only at the KY office but also lead two round tables of communication, consisting of people responsible for cultural and career related communication.

One of the greatest learning experiences this year was the launch of the new KY brand. Jumping into the position in January without any knowledge of the research done was frightening. With the amazing team, however, we were able to successfully launch the brand in time and the culmination event in the spring definitely was worth all the sweat and tears. In addition, being able to integrate our alumni into our operations has been great and there’s potential to something greater. Getting insight from people who have been in our shoes before is amazingly valuable and we should take even more advantage out of it.

The responsibility, however, goes way beyond that. As a member of the board, one can basically get as much responsibility as they are willing to take. Probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned this year is that, at work, money is probably the last driver for me – at least if you have something as motivating to work for as our community.

The things I’ve got a chance to do this year are quite impossible to explain in 500 words. Throughout the year I’ve learned about project management, coordinating people, brand management, strategy work and so much more. On the other hand, I’ve met such inspiring people from my fellow board members and people at the office to inspiring alumni and other supporters of KY.

I will not lie, this is so much more than just a job. You have to live and breathe KY to get through the year. But if you do, I can guarantee it will be the best year of your life. If nothing else, this year has proved to me that KY’s vision – to be the best student community in the world – is true to me.  

Julia Österlund 

Member of the board

Communications, brand, alumni affairs