Juhana’s year as a member of the KY Board

Approximately one year ago today I made the best decision of my life. I applied to the KY Board. And oh boy has it been a journey of a lifetime fitted into one year full of action.

Before applying I knew that “the job at the KY board is going to grow you as a leader and teach you presentation skills”, values important to a Kylteri, but I hugely underestimated the true impact this year would have on me. Yes, I have learned leadership skills as the chairman of the Sales Academy, and yes, I have learned to present me or my case. But more importantly, I have learned to work with all kinds of people, I have grown my confidence, I have learned to control stress, and maybe most importantly, I have found a way to put up with Jallu.

On my responsibility have been the work and career related things, such as corporate relations, but with a twist: this year’s focus was on supporting alternative career paths. What this means is that KY should showcase all the possibilities business students have. Kylteris are needed in every company, not only in the big fours or banking. The job has not been easy and, while still in progress, it has made me personally realise all the capabilities I, too, have when seeking for a job. Personal profit, one might say.

But my personal responsibility was only one side of the job. Other, and perhaps larger, side were all the common board related matters and that part of the job was the one that truly made my year. I must say that I have been lucky to work with these amazing people around me and have made some of the bestest friends in my life during this year. The KY board grew to become a family who care for each other, give each other comfort when feeling low and celebrate together when we overcome obstacles.

Did this year affect my studies? Yes, no denying there, but what I got from this is amazing people, connections and skills that many cannot say they have made this young.

I’ll finish with word, by one of our partners, about what we do at KY: “The job you do is like handling one company’s quarterly report, strategy update and business plan all at once. If something, then that is valuable.”

Juhana Junttila

Member of the board

Work and career, corporate relations