Joona’s Blog – Year as the IT Coordinator

After working as the IT coordinator of KY for a bit over a year now, I think that IT is the most important sector at KY. Or at least nothing would work without it. The IT coordinator is the person responsible for it all: Website, membership register, computers, cameras, networks, speakers, lights, projectors and so on. It’s a lot to take in and I do not think that one person could even know everything there is to know about KY’s IT.

Then again, one doesn’t really need any previous knowledge. The willingness to learn is by far the most important thing.  It almost seems as if the IT coordinator’s job is to just be a better learner than the others.

Needless to say, I have learnt a lot. Project management, leadership, teamwork and ‘customer’ service might be the most prominent things. I have also gained a lot of substance knowledge as well, ranging from audio recording and videography to coding and all the way to creating a brand video or designing digital services. I even learnt quite a bit about product design and sauna building.

My most important stakeholders outside the KY Office have been TEKNISTÄ and other KY’s volunteers who are in charge of technology at events. IT being the vice-chair and secretary of KOVA means that I have worked with KOVA a couple of times a week. Naturally I’ve also learnt a lot about academic affairs.


Comments from Jesse, Board member responsible for Academic Affairs:

“It has been pleasant and wonderful working with Joona throughout the spring! We had been taking care of the Academic Affairs Committee, KOVA, since the turn of the year. This consists of a lot of work including recruiting new members, brainstorming the whole committee year, and arranging fun get togethers for the whole KOVA just naming a few. It is extremely important to have someone to share your ideas and worries – Joona has been this person for me! All of this would not have been possible alone and therefore I want to give a big and warm thanks to Joona.

And you, who wondered if you would become the KY’s next IT-coordinator – this is your chance to become a member of the KY office’s orange and green family, change to make a decision of your lifetime. Do not hesitate! Apply!”

Being the IT-coordinator of KY brings a lot of responsibility, but even more freedom and resources to do what you find interesting and to do things just the way you want. Finding a job with even close to the same amount of variation might just be impossible.


Comments from Kiti, Board member responsible for Communications and Digital KY

“When I started as a board member in January, I knew that there would be a lot of big projects to be finished in spring and summer. I have been working with Joona regarding our new website and member register, and his informed views on matters have brought a lot to the table. We have also had a lot of fun and laughed a lot despite the fact that we have been working remotely this spring. Most of his work with TEKNISTÄ 😀 committee has not been visible to me, but I’m super grateful for all the big projects that they have done this year, including the stream setup at Saha and moving the IT and AV devices from KY Building.

Communications sector at KY is the biggest and the best sector and I’m looking forward to welcoming the new IT coordinator to “Piireistä parhain” in August <3″

If you have questions regarding the position, you can reach out to me.

Joona Huikuri
IT Coordinator 2020-2021
045 165 3838