It’s all about the support

You probably already have some kind of view about what it means to work at KY – or at least what it looks like. Yes, we do joke and laugh a lot while working in Espilä and have fun in many KY events but we also actually work here and play an important role in making every KY members’ life easier. I’ll try to explain you what’s the part of Secretary for Clubs and Societies in it and what a typical work day or week consists of.

When I applied to be Secretary for Clubs and Societies I was told that the job includes many pretty different tasks and aspects. It was still hard to understand the whole picture but at this point of the year I finally feel that I know what I’m doing. To help you understand the everyday life of Secretary for Clubs and Societies, I made a rough estimation of how I use my time:

  • Associations 40 %
    • Club Mails, updating association register, Club Forums, everyday communication, developing systems, appreciation, association training, meetings with new clubs
  • Member Service 20 %
    • on-call hours (mails, borrowing keys etc.), improving our services
  • Back Office 20 %
    • budget control, programming volunteers’ keys, office meetings
  • Sports and Wellbeing Committee Lihy 15 %
    • meetings, helping with events
  • KY Foundation subsidies 5 %
    • project funding all year round, intensive round for association subsidies in the Spring

The different parts of my job may seem inconsistent – on one hand they are and on the other not at all. All the tasks and aspects of the job form a bigger picture concerning associations and volunteers at KY.

In other words,  my main job is to support and help KY’s associations and other volunteer groups. One day it can be done by writing and sending them Club Mail (info mail sent to all associations every two weeks) and planning how to thank our volunteers for their amazing job, and the other by approving associations’ reservations in KY premises and reading through their applications for KY Foundation subsidies.

Some tasks and parts of the job are more monotonous and detailed such as taking care of the budget control when the others concern contemplating and developing our services and guidelines for KY’s associations and KY members. In my opinion, it gives you a nice variety and keeps your mind fresh.

A typical work day or week of Secretary for Clubs and Societies doesn’t only depend on the type  of a task but also on what time of the year it is. In this job, the workload depends a lot on what’s going on at KY in general which means that different weeks and months can be very different. For example, there’s a lot of work around the new year as most associations’ boards change and committees are chosen and they all need new keys and training. Accordingly, later in the Spring it’s a bit quieter and you have more time to think about the big picture and possible projects.

Although everyone at the KY Office work together in some projects, my main partners from the KY Board are Kia Tuominen, Ville Koikkalainen and Maria Aalto. Below they tell a little more about our collaboration:


Kia Tuominen Culture, new students, volunteers: One of us getting an idea completely randomly, out of the bloom, and being able to together turn that idea into something that truly helps our clubs is one of the best feelings I have had during my time at KY. Working together with Iiris, is getting that feeling of achievement more often than I could have imagined. Supporting KYs clubs together, whether it is brainstorming the craziest gifts for them, or planning logistics of a more convenient organisation structure, gives back so much, especially because I get to do it with such an incredible partner.  

Ville Koikkalainen – International affairs, wellbeing, Probba: Together with Iiris, we run the Sports and Wellbeing Committee of KY, LiHy. The division of work in the committee works fluently as I’m the chair and Iiris works as my partner, following the finances and practical everyday issues. The day to day cooperation between us includes themes such as following the expense budgeting, coordinating the committee’s actions and more. The overall coordination between the board member and the secretary for clubs and societies is a great asset for the year and the support that you gain from each other is essential to establish a pleasant work environment!

Maria Aalto – Educational affairs, Master’s students: Together with Iiris, we are planning how to support and reward our subject clubs. She is coordinating the budget of subject clubs but also helping to organize the events.


If working with over 50 diverse associations, fabulous Sports and Wellbeing Committee LiHy and the most delightful colleagues raises your interest, this is your chance! Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or thoughts!

Iiris Savolainen

Secretary for Clubs and Societies (in 2019-2020 the same position will be Association Coordinator), 040 353 8285

The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-16.4.2019. Read more here and apply!